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Image of a basement floor with a rough and uneven surface. The concrete floor has stains, cracks, and other damages.
Image of a resinous epoxy flooring in shades of gray with a company logo embedded in the center. The flooring has a glossy finish and a smooth surface with natural variations in color.

Looking for a high-performance flooring solution that can stand up to the toughest industrial environments? Look no further than POLYHARD SL from The Concrete Protector.

POLYHARD SL is a low odor, solvent-free, self-leveling slurry that is specially formulated to protect against thermal shock, impact, and chemical exposure. With its high moisture vapor tolerance and versatile thickness options, POLYHARD SL is the perfect choice for a variety of industrial settings.

Whether you need a 1/8” neat system or a 3/16” system with a media broadcast (3 to 4.8 mm) thickness, POLYHARD SL has you covered. And with the option to add broadcast and topcoats, you can further enhance the appearance and chemical resistance of your flooring system.

This high-quality slurry is easy to install and meets USDA flooring requirements, making it a top choice for industrial environments that demand maximum endurance and strength. Don’t settle for less than the best – choose POLYHARD SL for a durable, high-performance flooring solution that will stand the test of time.

POLYHARD SL is an ideal flooring solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial environments that require high endurance and strength. Some of the ideal locations for Polyhard SL include:

Manufacturing Facilities: POLYHARD SL is perfect for manufacturing facilities that experience heavy machinery traffic and chemical exposure.

Food Processing Facilities: POLYHARD SL meets USDA flooring requirements and is perfect for food processing facilities that require a high level of hygiene and sanitation.

Warehouses: With its ability to withstand heavy foot and forklift traffic, POLYHARD SL is perfect for warehouses.

Laboratories: POLYHARD SL is resistant to chemical exposure and can withstand high-temperature environments, making it a great choice for laboratories.

Hospitals and Clinics: POLYHARD SL is low odor and solvent-free, making it a great choice for hospitals and clinics that require a hygienic and safe environment.

Showrooms and Retail Stores: POLYHARD SL is available in a range of colors and designs, making it a great choice for showrooms and retail stores that require an attractive and durable flooring solution.

Schools and Universities: With its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and easy maintenance, POLYHARD SL is a great choice for schools and universities.

Image of a shiny, gray epoxy floor with a smooth surface and a subtle pattern. The flooring is highly durable and easy to maintain, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
Image of a warehouse floor coated with a resinous epoxy flooring system. The floor has a smooth and glossy surface in shades of gray, with natural variations in color and texture.